Flushing Employment Network

Flushing Employment Network (FEN) is a cross-sector, community-led strategy focused on driving opportunity through jobs, strong local businesses, and a thriving local economy in Flushing, Queens. Among the issues FEN wishes to address include barriers to immigrant inclusion in the City’s workforce development system, access to workforce development services, and improved job quality.

SBS Neighborhood 360 Program

SBS Neighborhood 360 is a 3-year initiative addressing the unique needs of small businesses through workshops, marketing campaigns, and sanitation initiatives.

One Flushing

One Flushing is a new affordable housing development which will provide 231 affordable units with 66 earmarked for seniors.

Raising Awareness

Flushing 2050 is involved in activities and advocacy on behalf of Flushing to increase awareness of Flushing’s unique opportunities and challenges in creating a broad, long-term vision for balanced growth.

Our Research

Flushing 2050 Report has outlined Flushing’s emerging priorities and a roadmap for action.